Call To Action: 8 Technical Tips to Improve Conversion

Call to Action

We can’t ignore calls-to-action, when talking about user experience and conversion. A call-to-action is an element on a page, that triggers the user into an action. Oftentimes people think this has to be a button, but a text link or banner might be used as well. The call-to-action of a page triggers the user to click to the next page, order your product or subscribe to your newsletter, just to name a few. There are a number of best practices for setting up a
good call-to-action. 

No clutter.

If you add a call-to-action, there shouldn’t be other elements demanding the visitors attention. No social share buttons right below your call-to-action button.

Add urgency.

Why act now? Because there are ‘only three slots available’ or ‘just one left’. Webshops use this a lot these days.

Size does matter.

Make sure people are able to view the button without any trouble. Don’t go overboard; there has to be a balance so you won’t become too aggressive.

Add trust.

A money-back guarantee will make it ‘easier’ for the visitor to click your order button. A great testimonial below your contact form will lower barriers to contact you.

Be clear about the benefits.

Mention them near your call-to-action. For instance, a short bulleted list naming
the main advantages of your product or service can convince visitors to click the buy button..

Right below your price.

Adding the call-to-action right below your price will entice visitors to click the call-to-action (if they like your price). No time to hesitate.

Color is important.

If your entire design is using blue and orange, your call-to-action will stand out a lot more if it’s green, for example. Using blue or orange will make the call-to-action blend in too much.

Be brief.

If your call-to-action is a button, don’t use ‘Buy this product now and get a 20% discount’ as the main button text. Use ‘20% OFF’. You get the drift.

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