Can You Make Money With Chitika?


Chitika is very similar to ads like Google Adsense where you will get paid on CPC basis. Chitika only shows relevant ads matching your website content and can customize their ads as per your choice to get maximum clicks on their ads while working as a publisher with them. You can safely run Chitika ads along with AdSense ads on your website.

They make payments through PayPal and Check. Minimum payout in case of PayPal is $10 and for Check, minimum payout is $50. They have an active affiliate program that publishers can use to earn some extra income while referring new members to their network.

Can You Make Money With Chitika?

Chitika is an established ad publishing company with over 300,000 publishers using their services. Popular and authority bloggers like Darren Rowse, use and recommend it. It means it is reliable and you can make decent income when you use their ads right.

Chitika gives you the ability to when to show ads to your website visitors. Unlike AdSense, it works flawlessly and has more potential to help you make more monthly income.

One of the common mistakes most beginners make while using Chitika ads is they often click on their ads. Please don’t make that mistake if you want to make Chitika ads a passive income stream for your online business. Chitika keeps track of all of their ads, where you click, who clicked your ads etc., .so don’t be foolish to click on your ads.


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