How Can You Publish Blog To More People?

Publish Blog

Good content is not enough for reaching height of success until reader not read it. For engaging more people on our blog you have to show them all cards. So I am going to share some tips based on my personal experience.

  • In general ways, many people recite same tips that use proper keywords, Meta description and engaging image.
  • Use creative Info-graphics instead of simple Google image.
  • Use Alt text/meta description for image so more people land on your blog by Google image search.
  • Use Attractive Title and add some catchy word like Must read, Top 10.
  • Golden Tips– Create a page on Facebook and share at least 1 post in a day. Treat your page like a Brandon face book.
  • You can promote your blog Page on Facebook and make a community of same interest. Treat your Fb fan as a costumer or audience.
  • You can create a YouTube channel and add embedded video in your post so blog look unique and more informational.
  • Use back links.

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