How Can You Generate Backlinks for Free?

Free Backlinks

Backlinks are probably one of the most important SEO factors. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty high on the list of SEO metrics that you don’t have very much control over. Simply put, a backlink is an external link that directs users’ attention away from one site and to another. You certainly want to include some backlinks in your content, but most importantly you want there to be backlinks acting as an incoming redirection. In other words, you want to have other sites and pages referencing yours with a link.

Way to generate backlinks in free!

Linkedin – Write a new article on your LinkedIn feed.

Medium – Sign up for a new account, then write a new story.

Steemit – Create an account (though it may take 1-2 days to get your account approved), then start writing.

CrunchBase – Register for a new account. Create your own profile (or a profile for your business/company). | your personal homepage – Sign up for a new account, then create your personal profile.

Reddit – Join and become an active contributor on a subreddit that’s related to your business. Write and share useful content that will resonate well with that subreddit’s community.

Producthunt – Sign up and be an active member of their community. Once you started upvoting and commenting it make relevancy there.

YouTube – Create your own channel. having links from an active Youtube account can help get your site frequented by crawlers.

Facebook – Create a Facebook Page for your brand, and build a robust community around your fan page
Twitter – Promoting your site’s newly published pages/content on this social platform can help speed up their indexation.

Google My Bussiness and Google+ – Two web properties from Google that can help get your site regularly crawled and re-indexed. GMB can also help improve your site’s search visibility to local searchers.

Slideshare – Convert your site’s best content into slide decks and upload them to Slideshare (links within the presentations are clickable). Can help get you a ton of exposure from their community’s active users.

Podcast – How Can You Generate Backlinks for Free?

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