How To Get More Business Leads?

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Start with a WordPress Blog

For me, I choose WordPress all the time. There are plenty of other website builders out there to choose from, but WordPress wins hands down for a number of reasons, its user friendly & newbie friendly, powerful, responsive & mobile Friendly. 
WordPress is blessed with a vibrant and helpful community of developers who will be happy to help you out should you get stuck with anything to do with your WordPress site.
If you don’t know to how to start WordPress blog, then read here.

Make Your Subscribe Form Visible on Every Page of Your Website

To capture email subscribers you will need an email marketing software provider.

I used to work for an email marketing review website and from my experience there I decided that Aweber was the best way to go, so I recommend them.

Aweber is not free, but you can get started with them for just $1 and investing in email marketing is money well spent.

Whoever your form is with make sure it is placed in a prominent spot on your site; above the fold is best. The more people that see your form, the more will use it.

If you are looking for a free email marketing solution Mailchimp has a forever free account that enables you to manage up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month.

Offer an Awesome Free Gift to Subscribers

Many people offer an eBook or an eCourse.

I have tried offering both and I prefer to offer an eCourse, since this gets people into the habit of opening your emails.

eCourses also tend to have a higher perceived value than  eBook.

It is worth your time to create two or more lead magnets and find out which work best for you. Different offers attract different people.

If you convert your eBook or eCourse into a format that works with Kindle eBook readers this will enable you to offer extra appeal to the millions of people who own these devices.

Invest In New Technology

New technology sets the trend in the market. For example, smart phones are trending all over the world. Subsequently, most people access their mail or browse websites through smart phones or tablets; this shows that the you should invest in making your marketing efforts compatible with these devices, allowing you to reach the maximum amount of customers.

In a nutshell, you should keep an eye on emerging technology and channels through which you can get more leads for your business.

Find Leads on Twitter

Twitter is not only a social networking website, but also a source of potential leads for your company. With the help of Follower wonk you can analyze aspects such as; information about followers, at what time your followers tweet, etc., so that you can reach the audience that is associated with your niche.

Develop & Optimize Informative Content

It is undeniable that content can be a great source of the web traffic – which will result in more leads. But it needs to be informative.

High quality content can be an asset for you as it attracts traffic to your website well beyond its publish date. Try to include images, video and info graphics to increase share counts and engagement.

Market through LinkedIn

As we all know, LinkedIn is a business-centric social networking website. It can prove to be a great platform for bringing new clients to your business too. LinkedIn also allows users to publish content to an already engaged audience.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Using social media on an ongoing basis has helped me add thousands of people to my email list, and build some amazing relationships in the process.

The two networks that have enabled me to grow the most are Facebook and Twitter.

Advertise on Facebook. Surely it is not an cheap method, but it is a great way to reach out to more Facebook users than any. With paid advertisements, you also manage to harness much more insight and demographic information about which users like your page and which are not. This in turn will help you drive more visitors to fans.

Answer A Question On Quora

Quora is a Question & Answer based social networking site with millions of people from different demographics posting daily questions. If you answer enough questions of users, they will spot your profile and most likely check out your website.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a way to spread your content across the web and get plenty of links back to your website in the process.

The links and traffic you get from article marketing can build your list and boost your seo.

Comment on Other Blogs

Writing comments on blogs can be helpful in getting your name out there and eventually generating leads. Be helpful and generous with your comments and people will want to see what you have to offer.

Start To Guest Blog

Guest blogging can be helpful for lead generation but only when the following aspects are properly implemented:

  • Articles have relevant information for the audience.
  • You send people back to an appropriate landing page on your site
  • The post possesses unique information
  • You actively promote the post to leverage social proof
  • The site you choose to blog for is well respected by your audience

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing features the concept of direct engagement. While developing email content to generate leads, you need to take into the account the following:

  • Subject line:The subject line must be enticing so that it makes the recipient want to read the content. The subject line should address the problems that your potential leads are generally facing.
  • Concise: The content of the email should be concise, brief and engaging.
  • Incorporate social media: Integrate social media links in your emails, so that the readers can easily be redirected to your social media page.
  • Embed images: An image can speak more than 1000 words; thus, it is a good idea to embed images as well as text in your emails. (Hint:Try to include lightweight images, so that email content loads faster)
  • Integrate a call-to-action button:CTAs are most effective at the top half of the email.

Don’t Forget Your Signature

Make your email signature effective by embedding a link that redirects the reader to relevant content. With the help of link integration, the chance of maximum web traffic flow towards your content will be higher.

If you implement HTML coding in your emails, make sure to test it on all the platforms to make sure that everything is working fine.

Interview Influencers

Reach out to influencers who your customers respect and interview them for your blog or social channels.

Keep it as simple as possible by asking short/sharp questions, and then ask them to share the final product.

Your potential customers will see this as proof of your credibility and increase your chance of attracting new leads.

Share Videos on Youtube

YouTube is not just a video hosting service; it’s a massive search engine. It is more popular than any other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

As compared to other social networking platforms, all the posts remain there for a very long time. Thus, this is the best channel for sending referral web traffic in the long-term.

This platform enables you to create and maintain your own channel where you can share videos regarding particular events, imperative tutorials and other things. This will help you standout from your competitors and attract more leads to your business.

Offline Marketing (Business Cards)

Promotional business cards are a great way to build your business and your brand.

Be different: don’t just create a boring ordinary card like everyone else.

Use curiosity and a call to action.

If I get cards made up for my business I will put something like this on them:

Add A Quiz To Your Blog

Posting a quiz to your blog can make your content engaging and draw more attention from an online audience. In fact, it can easily entice the readers to share their feedback about your blog and article. This will also help you establish a stronger relationship with your audience and get more leads in the long term.

Encourage Word of Mouth Marketing

In your welcome email that automatically deploys when someone signs up to your list encourage your new subscribers to tell their friends.

Once new subscribers click confirm to join your list you can take them to a thank you page that encourages them to spread the word about your page, and features social sharing buttons so they can easily share your newsletter with their friends on social media.

Build Multiple Lists

For examples I have a general list, a Twitter focused list, a Facebook list, and buyer’s lists for my products.

Feature multiple opt-in offers to appeal to different interests.

I tell each list about the other lists and have a few thousand people who are subscribed to more than one of my lists.

This way I can focus the messages I send and create deeper relationships with the leads on my lists.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great way to get quality links to your sites, which bring some traffic, but mostly work to boost the rank of your content in Google which will get you traffic and leads by the dozen if you land in one of the top slots.

Host a Webinar

Webinars are high value events. I’ve seen people charge $50 or more for a quality webinar, and really that price is a steal if the information is valuable.

Host a webinar for free and give away as much value as you can, so that the people who attended can’t believe they got it for free, and then at the end ask them to recommend your newsletter with their friends.

Help out Influential People

Find people in your niche who have bigger audiences than you and find a way to help them.

If you have a special skill offer to help out someone who has a big audience.

Once you help out a person with influence ask for their help building your list by telling their audience about your newsletter.

The psychological element of reciprocity comes into effect here. Since you have already helped them before you asked this the chances are very good that they will co-operate with your request.

Deploy Outbound & Inbound Marketing

According to the stats, outbound marketing is still more effective than inbound marketing. But, it doesn’t mean that you forget about inbound marketing. Look to deploy both approaches in a balanced manner as this will be helpful in generating leads and eventually your business.

From an inbound perspective – personalize your email communication and get active in online communities by regularly sharing informative content, as well as solving common customer problems. This will help you establish healthy relationships with your customers and build more leads.

Directly Engage With Leads

Direct customer engagement should one of your top priorities.

Most businesses choose to go with in-direct engagement – such as FAQs. This is not the most effective way to engage.

Direct engagement, on the other hand, makes use of live chat, forums and help centers – where customer service representatives are present all the time to make sure every query is handled properly.

More engaged customers results in better word-of-mouth and more leads.

Get Leads with Ebay

eBay is actually an awesome way to generate buyer leads for your list.

You can sell something really inexpensive on ebay.

If your offer is compelling you can have people access the content by opting into your list.

These leads are great to have on your list since they have already bought from you and therefore are highly likely to purchase from you again.

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