How to Make Your Website a Profitable Marketing Media?

profitable website

1. Call to Action Images

Have you looked at your images with call-to-action tinted glasses? Yes, each and every image on your website can be a call to action.

When you are choosing images for your website, don’t just think ‘high quality’, ‘unique’, ‘relevant’, also think ‘actionable’. You want your images to reflect the products or services you are selling, but why not go beyond this limited perspective; use images as an action trigger.

The images on most fast food chain websites are an ideal example of images that persuade people to take action. They use mouth-watering product images that are typically a part of a deal they want to market. More often than not, the image also carries the deal cost and a fantastic tagline.

That’s what marketing is all about isn’t it. Make the target customer aware of your product or deal and make them want to purchase it.

Call to action

2. Primary Focus on Trust Elements

Nothing sells like trust. It is the single most important website quality that will make it an all-powerful marketing media. If consumers trust your brand, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends, family and associates.

So how do you go about building trust on your site? Very often it’s the little things that help build trust on your site.

While product images, prices, detailed product information, extremely visible contact info, list of clients etc. are extremely important elements that drive website credibility, there are some other super-important elements that are given the short shrift by business owners.

3. Shareworthy content

We are well aware that you must ensure your website content is easy to share, and this is done with the integration of social media buttons on your site.

But have you thought about whether your content is actually worthy of sharing? Yes, you need to ensure your social share buttons are prominently placed and customized keeping in mind the design of your site, but what people forget is that website visitors will only click on these buttons if the content is good enough to hold and engage their attention.

The idea is to use your blog in many different ways, so that you are able to create content that is shared by readers. So make your blog a platform to tell your brand story and your customer stories. Why not use your blog to discuss your products or services and their different use cases? Make sure you post videos regularly and most importantly – come up with thought leadership articles.

4. Website Translation

Try localizing your website by translating it into different languages, if your business wants to establish a global connection. Let’s say your primary website is in English and you want to take it to the world. One of your target markets is Germany. Now, the Germans speak English but it is their second language. So, there might be a case wherein they find it difficult to understand your brand messaging, which in a worst case scenario can lead to lower conversion rates? But what if your website had a German translation? Your website immediately resonates with the German target audience, and this can lead to better conversions and improve lead generation.

But a word of caution here – You need to aim for translation that is authentic and perfectly carries your brand message to the target audience. You don’t want the message to be lost in translation.


Your website can’t be converted into a marketing machine overnight, and the process will require sustained efforts. One of the things you must take care of is that the website shouldn’t remain in permanent beta. I’ve come across businesses that can’t seem to stop making changes to their site. While this isn’t a bad thing, you need to give your website some time to work its “magic”. If you’ve added an element that you think will make your website more marketing friendly, allow it do its job. Give it some time. Over time, if you think it’s performing poorly, make the necessary changes, but not until then.

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