PPC Ad Network Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a PPC ad network that pays you a bonus for every conversion your lead makes in addition to the ad click revenue.

If you’re looking for an AdSense alternative that pays you better than it, Bidvertiser is a must try.

With Bidvertiser, you have text ads, banner ads, and even mobile responsive ad formats, so you have ad inventory for all sources of your traffic.

And Since it has multiple levels of monetizing clicks, it is one of the best AdSense alternatives for low traffic sites.


  • Bidvertiser works on bidding system which means you automatically display ads of the highest bidder for your site.
  • Bidvertiser is a high paying AdSense alternative because you get paid extra for every conversion (whatever the ads require your reader to do, like signup, purchase, video view, etc.) you make.


The bidding system naturally has some cons like no one opting for your site if it has poor metrics.

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