SEO helps in the promotion of websites & bringing business. It considers what people search for, the actual terms or keywords when typed into various Search Engines. SEO can be defined as the activity of opseotimization of web pages or whole websites in order to make them more search engine friendly, thus higher positions in search results, which helps in bringing more enquiries & thus more business to website owners. Most of the successful businesses now understand the importance & benefits of SEO.

On Page Activities

  •  Site Map Submission
  •  Web Master Account
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Alexa Account
  •  Meta Tag Optimization
  •  Robots .Txt
  •  Tags
  •  Java Script and Flash

Off Page Activities

  •  Search Engine Submission
  •  Directory Submission
  •  Article Submission
  •  PR Submission
  •  Blog Submission
  •  Social Bookmark
  •  Video Submission
  •  Forum Posting
  •  Business Listing
  •  Social Marketing

Make sure your responsive website has been indexed by doing a site:domain.comsearch in Google and Bing. If it hasn’t, then merely making the website responsive will not improve its visibility.

Ensure that search engine spiders can crawl your website and that they index every unique piece of content once.
local seo

A sitemap will make your website more crawlable. But use the proper type of site map for the content.

Include enough plain text that search engines can understand what the website is about, without needing access to image- or Flash-based content. Progressive enhancement is a useful method of building pages that are accessible to search engines. Use to check your work.

Try to include relevant keywords in your URLs, and make pages easy to remember and share by avoiding long strings of human-unreadable characters.

Include responsive social bookmarklets to help mobile users share your content on their social networks. But keep an eye on page speed.

Make your responsive website load in less than a second, using Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Akamai’s Mobitest. Not doing so could hurt you in search results for smartphones.

Identify content that exists on more than one URL, and use canonical tags and permanent redirections to tell search engines which pages to show in search results.

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