How To Use SMS Marketing To Launch A Product?

SMS Marketing To Launch A Product

How many people do you know that have phones? How many of these people always have their phone with them, some might even take them to bed. SMS marketing to launch a product is perhaps a form of marketing you have considered and dismissed however it is a very flexible form of marketing which you should consider. If you’re into marketing and you haven’t experimented with SMS marketing, you’re missing out and one great way to use SMS is to launch a new product or service.

SMS Marketing To Launch A Product

As you build your list, you will send the customer or potential customer messages to announce new products, send them to a new website, and more. It’s not unlike email marketing but the messages need to be shorter, more direct, always have a call to action, and offer a simple way to opt out in each message. Once you get through those issues, your message is as good as in the customer’s hands and you can be certain that it is read.

Build Your SMS List: Use every method at your disposal for building your SMS list. If you have a storefront, ask for cell phone numbers at checkout, whether it’s an online store or a bricks and mortar store.

Tease Information out to the List: as new people join your list, be sure to send them a test message and allow them to opt in or out, remind them where they signed up, and send them a coupon or something exciting to start the relationship.

Ask Your Subscribers to Share: when you send them a message, ask them to share this exciting information and opportunity with their friends because it will help make your SMS list larger.

Send Creative Messages: you aren’t limited to just text today with SMS. You can send a video message, or an image that is more creative and will potentially get more engagement.

Offer Early Bird Coupons for New Product: once they sign up, don’t just forget about them even if you’re not done with the main product yet to launch. Send coupons and early bird information. Make them feel special and exclusive.

Build Up Excitement: keep sending messages to pique their interest in the next thing and the big launch. You want them to be happy to get your text messages.

Launch: when the product is done, launch it via SMS like you would if you were launching it via email marketing. Send information to get them to go to your website to buy, or bricks and mortar business to buy.

Rinse and Repeat: keep doing it. Sometimes it takes time for a customer to respond and act on your SMS messages. As long as they’ve not opted out, send messages to them on a regular basis but don’t do it as often as you would an email.

SMS marketing has a good chance of creating a viral campaign if you send interesting messages that trigger your audience to want to purchase from you right now. This method of marketing works very well with limited time offers because of the sense of urgency that you can elicit with the message if worded correct with a good call to action.

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