How to Track a Person Profile of An Email Address?

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Though many forms of communication have come into existence recently, email is one of the old and also one of the most used services to exchange conversations. In fact, email is the formal way of communication between two parties.

More often than not, people receive random emails which lure them to do something to get something in return. And because these emails are received from a source they have never seen before, it’s quite obvious for people to check the identity of the person behind the email. As a matter of fact, the first thing you’ll do whenever you land up in such situation is to Google the sender’s name or their email address. If you are lucky enough, Googling the address will do. However, if Googling doesn’t help, you should know that there are other ways to search for the sender as well. And this article will exactly help you to do so.

Facebook at your rescue

It goes without saying that Facebook is one the largest social media platforms in the world. And it’s an open fact that most of the business organizations let alone people are on Facebook. So, chances are high that the person you are searching for has a profile on the largest social media platform. The added advantage here is that Facebook allows you to search with email ids. If you find the intended person, make sure that the profile is not fake for Facebook is full counterfeit profiles. Figuring out if the given profile is a fake one or legit is quite simple. Just scroll through their profile, and you’ll know the right ones from the fake.

Search Facebook Profile

Look out for the sender’s location

If Facebook doesn’t help you find the person behind the email, try to figure out the location of the sender. You can do this by finding the IP address of the sender from the mail that you’ve received. Open the email header and search for this particular keyword – “Received: from” which is usually followed by an IP address. Now, all you have to do is copy the IP address and search for the location of the sender using tools like IPLocation or Yougetsignal.

Other social media sites can help too If you are still unable to identify the sender, it’s time for you to search other social media platforms as well. Obviously, if you search every social media site with the username or email id, it’s going to take ages. So use third-party services like KnowEm or Spokeo to search across multiple social media sites, blogs and other famous online platforms all at once with the press of a button.

Use Google’s Reverse Image Search

If you’ve managed to find out the image of the sender with any of the above techniques, use Google’s Reverse Images Search tool to get the specific details.

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